Moving with Children and Pets

Make it a smooth transition for everyone.

Moving with Children and Pets

  • Keep children informed about the process so there are no surprises.

  • Help them get an address/phone book put together with contact information for their friends.

  • Have a bag together for each child that contains favorite PJs, blanket, games, books, toys and snacks.

  • Communicate the plan for moving day with them. This should include a safe place for them to hang out while moving is in process.

  • Allow children to help pack, label and tape boxes during the packing process.

  • Call your vet and ask for print outs of your pets' vaccination and medical records.

  • Prepare a pet bag that includes, food and water dishes, food, leash, blanket, toy and treats.

  • Make sure you have a travel kennel if needed and try to make sure your pet is comfortable being in it.

  • Before moving day starts, try to get some play-time in or go for a walk with your pet.

  • On moving day, find a safe and secure location for your pet to stay while the loading/unloading takes place. It is safer for those helping move if your pets are not loose.